Short outlook on attitudes toward work across time

Back in time

“Citizens must not live the lives of craftsmen or merchants, for such lives have nothing noble and opposes perfection. Neither should they be farmers since free time is necessary both for the development of virtue, as well as for the fulfilment of political duties. “

“Since labor transforms the earth into something useful, it changes something worthless into something precious. Therefore the value is the property of the laborer.”

“Blessed is he who who has found work and should not wish for another blessing. He works, has a purpose in life, has discovered it and will pursue it! Work is Life: from the depths of the heart of the one who works pierces the divine power which has been bestowed upon him, the sacred heavenly essence of life which has been breathed into him by God Almighty. From the depths of his soul springs and embraces him all that is noble, all knowledge, self-knowledge, and many more, as soon as he begins the work which suits him”.


”Perhaps it is because of our puritanical work ethic and of our essential faith in the cause -effect relationship that we are so proud of our work. Work gives us an identity. We often define ourselves and others by what we do.”

WeAreDevelopers Conference, Berlin, 2019



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